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75th anniversary of Independence Azadi ka Amrit mahotsav celebrations


To Achieve Academic Excellence in Higher Education and Research


To inculcate and nurture young talents and evolve an effective mechanism.


To create a generation of human resources to successfully


A well defined strategy is a primary requirement to achieve


Prof. Keshav

Acting Vice Chancellor, Tumkur University, Tumakuru

Prof. K. Shivachithappa

Registrar, Tumkur University, Tumakuru


University College Of Science

University College of Science (erstwhile government Science College) was established in 1940. The college was taken into the fold of Tumkur University as one of the constituent colleges in 2010. Even since the inception of the college, the college has been making its excellence in teaching, research and extension activities. The college is accredited with Grade “B+” by NAAC in recognition of quality in education. Presently the college has about 1628 students.
The college has fifty-five permanent faculty members and around seventy guest faculties. Faculty members are dedicated, competent and well qualified. The personnel in the office of the Principal co-ordinate between the university and the college.
The college offers undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D courses in various disciplines leading to the award of Bachelor’s Degree in Science (B.Sc), Bachelor’s Degree in Vocational Course (B.Voc), Master’s degree in Science (M.Sc) and Ph.D in faculty of Science from Tumkur University, Tumakuru. College has maintained high quality in academic pursuits.., read more …

Message from Principal

Dr. Shet Prakash,  Principal
University College of Science
Tumakuru University, Tumakuru

The college is accredited with Grade “B+” by NAAC in recognition of quality in education, The pioneering college has the historical reputation of spreading science education in the region for the last seventy years. I am pleased to state that the college has been able to create a conducive atmosphere for learning by constantly engaging with students, parents and other stakeholders.

The role of teachers in catering to the educational requirements of the students is highly commendable. On the other hand, constant monitoring of progress of the students by mentors creates a sense of community in the college. Well-equipped laboratories and the library fulfills the curricular requirements of the student. Co-curricular activities like sports, N.S.S., N.C.C. Red cross, scouts and Guides attempt to bring out the latent talent, nourish and promote the personality development of the students. It is a matter of pride that teachers are highly qualified, proficient and each teacher is constantly engaged in research activities like undertaking projects, organizing and participation in workshops, seminars and conferences at national and international levels that inspire and encourage the students to engage in research. This has contributed to the reputed institution in becoming a centre for promoting science education.

I hope that the student –community shall take advantage of the benefits and encourage us to serve for the cause of Higher Education.

Pranayama Session by Dr. Manjunath P.E, University College of Science,Tumakur