The cultural bastion of the college provides a platform for students to exhibit and develop their talents. Each year, a wide variety of artistic, literary and other creative talents are identified and recognized through a month-long series of interclass competitions; students are also provided opportunities to win more accolades in intercollegiate competitions. Celebrations of Ethnic Day, the annual College Day, which marks the highpoint of each academic year, make for a vibrant college environment.

Cultural committee is very active and students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities. Many students represent the college at various levels and bring laurels to the college.

Committee Members:

Sl NoNameChairman/ Coordinator/ Member
1Dr. Shet Prakash MPrincipal/Chairman
2Smt. Rajalaksxmi A GovanakoppaCoordinator
3Smt.Lalitha H MMember
4Dr.Nirmala BMember
5Sri.Bharath ShilpiMember
6Renuka C J (IIICBBT)Student Member
7Leena S (ICZMB)Student Member