• The Charges of the Committee are the following:
  • To maintain and enforce strict discipline in the college campus
  • All the students should wear their ID Cards while they are in the campus and class rooms
  • In case of any violation of dress code or disturbance in the class, ID card taken from the student will be handed over to the student on the same day with proper warning and advice through Disciplinary Committee Members
  • In case of any misbehavior or violation of the college rules, ID cards of the students will be with the Disciplinary Committee Members till the enquiry is over.
  • To enforce total prohibition of cell phone usage by the students inside the college campus. Please note that cell phone is totally prohibited in the college campus and if a student is found carrying cell phone, the cell phone needs to be taking away and returned to the Principal.
  • To monitor the movement of the students in the college and prevent students loitering around in the corridors during the college working hours
  • To ensure that all the students attend classes without bunking and prevent the students leaving the college early. Please note that no student can leave the college early without prior permission of the higher authorities
  • To ensure that students maintain utmost silence in the library
  • If any damage is caused to the college property by any student / group of students, the cost of the same will be recovered with fine from the particular student / group of students, followed by disciplinary action.

Committee Members:

Sl No Name Chairman/ Coordinator/ Member
1 Smt.Shalini B R Principal/Chairman
2 Dr. A.M. Manjunath Coordinator
3 Dr. Aruna Kumar D.B Member
4 Sri. Harish Kumar K Member
5 Sri. Krishna Member
6 Deepashree Student Member
7 Nayana Kumar Student Member