Youth Red Cross Unit (YRCU)

University College of Science

Tumkur University

Junior and youth Red Cross programmes are an integral part of the strategic approach taken by the Indian Red Cross Society.
We value the diverse and important roles that young people perform as innovators, inter-cultural ambassadors, peer educators, community mobilisers, and most importantly, agents of behavioural change and advocates for vulnerable people.
When working alongside older generations in a spirit of mutual respect, young people bring much needed ideas and skills. The promotion of knowledge transfer and growth, combined with the personal guidance that older, more experienced volunteers of the Red Cross can offer, is seen as a key approach to developing tomorrow’s generation of leaders, today.
Our junior and youth programmes help the Indian Red Cross Society to implement the Fundamental

Principles of our Movement through:

  • International Humanitarian Law
  • The protection of health and life
  • Community service

Promotion of national and international friendship and understanding by using the international links of the Movement.



SL. NO.NameChairman/ Coordinator/ Member
1Smt Shalini B RPrincipal/Chairman
2Sri Narayana GoankarCo-Ordinator
3Dr. Ramesh T NMember
4Dr. Narahari NMember